Peale's Museum Eagle Embossed Silhouette

This is not a rare item by anyone's standards. However, I thought it might be of interest to place it here because of its similarity to the unattributed double-silhouette cutting that I listed a few months ago (see the listing below of a couple - double cutting). This Peale's man here and that double cutting have much in common. By looking at these two silhouettes, one could say that the unattributed one, too, was likely cut at the Museum. The problem is that I have never seen a double-silhouette embossed with any of the Peale marks, nor have I ever seen a double profile from the Museum. So, it is still a mystery to me.

I illustrate the close-ups of this man as it has two prominent marks left by the stylus. Again, these marks are only found on the first layer. The second layer below would not receive these marks. Something to ponder upon.