More 19th Century ??? Silhouettes

The seller describes this pair as: "Made in the mid-19th century these original Silhouettes are of a husband & wide. Each 1 ½” by 3 ¼” silhouette is cut and applied from paper and accented with paint. The original frames measure 4 ¾” by 5 ½” and like the silhouettes are in perfect condition. I was able to purchase these early Folk Art Silhouettes for a great price and I have kept my reserve at far below their value. "

I am sure the seller got these "for a great price." The frames are sparkling new. There is no age at all. The silhouettes were both done in the manner of Chamberlain. In the last year or so, many of this type have been apearing on the market. There seems to be no end to it.
PS 7/5 Bid to $134 not meeting the reserve. Same scenario: blessing for the bidder or curse for the seller.


Pair of Silhouettes by F.P. Jones

This pair appeared on eBay recently. The seller was kind enough to send me a close-up photo of the stamp. I do not know how many sets of dies Jones owned. As his working dates were brief, I cannot imagine him having made more than a single pair.

Some books mention his name as T.P. Jones, while others say F.P. Jones. The silhouette I own is clearly T.P. Jones; in fact, all the others I have seen that I know to be authentic are T.P. Jones. The silhouettes on eBay are very black and just did not seem to be the works of T.P. The border of this stamp differs excessively from the stamp used by T.P. These two silhouettes cannot possibly be from the 19th century; this pair is from the 20th century.



20th Century Reproduction Silhouettes?

This pair of silhouettes are from Cowan''s auction and described therein as: "Pair of Silhouettes in Early Frames, faithfully executed 20th-century reproduction silhouettes, pencil signed Georgiana Cook; contained in early 19th-century frames with alligatored finish; each 2.75" x 3.75" (sight); 5.25" x 6.25" (w/frame)."

They are difficult to judge as there is only this photograph. I am sure closer examination of the paper out of the frames would determine their real nature. If they are indeed from the 2oth century, they are the nicest and the neatest pair that I have ever seen. That is very scary. I would not hesitate to add them to my collection no matter what they are.


Another Peale Silhouette

This item is from an auction purported to be a rare one with a “PEALE” stamp. If the readers would browse below, I have listed two others very similar to this stamp. Please remember that my thoughts are just my opinion.

Even without a stamp, Peale silhouettes look Peale. The embossment is an additional proof. However, even with the stamp, the cuttings must represent the known bust curvatures by one of the so-called Peales, although very few were actually cut by the Peales.

1. The best one is when the curvatures represent Peale with a genuine embossment.
2. The second best is when the curvatures represent Peale but without the stamp.
3. Others are no good.

As for those busts that scarcely resemble any of the Peales’cuttings, and when the embossment is not quite correct, there is a very good reason to doubt their authenticity.

Added 6/25. It went as high as $137 but did not meet the seller's reserve. Blessing for the top bidder? Curse for the seller?


"Ultra Rare Silhouette"

This is from an auction. Just because someone writes something on the back of the frame, it is automatically assigned a pedigree or provenance. We really do not know who this profile belongs to. The paper tag says, "Daughter of John Harris the Elder or John Harris the Younger." That is a common name, and the tag is modern. The profile may just as well belong to Jane Doe. It even comes in an "ond" frame, and this "Ultra Rare Silhouette is in ready to hang condition."

I would not be caught displaying that framed item on my wall. If I owned it, I will hang it alright...with a noose! Although it may not be your or my preference, it is being bid up quite high. I think I have a bad habit of picking on stuff. When I saw this, I thought it would be fun for the readers. The following is a description by the seller.

"A Rare And Important Hollow Cut American Silhouette. The Subject is "Jane Harris" ,and was the daughter of "John Harris" of the Founding Family of Harrisburg ,Pennsylvania. Thier home still stands in Harrisburg today ,along the Susquehanna River. The Hand Cut Silhouette is Hollow Cut ,and in great ,original overall condition. The frame is ond and may be original to the piece ,but appears to have been reused and rematted at least once. The visible Gold leaf is original to the frame ,as is the wavy ,bubble glass. The silhouette has some mild staining ,and dates to the 1810 -1830 time frame. It states on the reverse ,"Daughter Of John Harris ,The Elder ,Or John Harris The Younger". This exceptional ,Ultra Rare Silhouette is in ready to hang condition ,and needs nothing !!!"