20th Century Reproduction Silhouettes?

This pair of silhouettes are from Cowan''s auction and described therein as: "Pair of Silhouettes in Early Frames, faithfully executed 20th-century reproduction silhouettes, pencil signed Georgiana Cook; contained in early 19th-century frames with alligatored finish; each 2.75" x 3.75" (sight); 5.25" x 6.25" (w/frame)."

They are difficult to judge as there is only this photograph. I am sure closer examination of the paper out of the frames would determine their real nature. If they are indeed from the 2oth century, they are the nicest and the neatest pair that I have ever seen. That is very scary. I would not hesitate to add them to my collection no matter what they are.


Anonymous said...

Georgiana Cook was an antique dealer and artist from Cincinati, Ohio. She hand cut silhouettes for sale to her freinds and customers, never representing them as old and never framing them. As you can see from her work she was a very good artist.

Antique Silhouettes said...

Thanks for letting us know. When did she create these?