More 19th Century ??? Silhouettes

The seller describes this pair as: "Made in the mid-19th century these original Silhouettes are of a husband & wide. Each 1 ½” by 3 ¼” silhouette is cut and applied from paper and accented with paint. The original frames measure 4 ¾” by 5 ½” and like the silhouettes are in perfect condition. I was able to purchase these early Folk Art Silhouettes for a great price and I have kept my reserve at far below their value. "

I am sure the seller got these "for a great price." The frames are sparkling new. There is no age at all. The silhouettes were both done in the manner of Chamberlain. In the last year or so, many of this type have been apearing on the market. There seems to be no end to it.
PS 7/5 Bid to $134 not meeting the reserve. Same scenario: blessing for the bidder or curse for the seller.

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