"Ultra Rare Silhouette"

This is from an auction. Just because someone writes something on the back of the frame, it is automatically assigned a pedigree or provenance. We really do not know who this profile belongs to. The paper tag says, "Daughter of John Harris the Elder or John Harris the Younger." That is a common name, and the tag is modern. The profile may just as well belong to Jane Doe. It even comes in an "ond" frame, and this "Ultra Rare Silhouette is in ready to hang condition."

I would not be caught displaying that framed item on my wall. If I owned it, I will hang it alright...with a noose! Although it may not be your or my preference, it is being bid up quite high. I think I have a bad habit of picking on stuff. When I saw this, I thought it would be fun for the readers. The following is a description by the seller.

"A Rare And Important Hollow Cut American Silhouette. The Subject is "Jane Harris" ,and was the daughter of "John Harris" of the Founding Family of Harrisburg ,Pennsylvania. Thier home still stands in Harrisburg today ,along the Susquehanna River. The Hand Cut Silhouette is Hollow Cut ,and in great ,original overall condition. The frame is ond and may be original to the piece ,but appears to have been reused and rematted at least once. The visible Gold leaf is original to the frame ,as is the wavy ,bubble glass. The silhouette has some mild staining ,and dates to the 1810 -1830 time frame. It states on the reverse ,"Daughter Of John Harris ,The Elder ,Or John Harris The Younger". This exceptional ,Ultra Rare Silhouette is in ready to hang condition ,and needs nothing !!!"

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