More on Bruff

Carl from Charleston writes:

"I am attaching several photos of the J. Bruff silhouette. Unfortunately, I could not get a good photo of the embossed insignia, but it is exactly like the one published on the website (J Bruff at top, Baltimore at bottom and star in center). This one also has a penciled name at the bottom, my guess, identifying the sitter in the portrait. Since the backing was not attached, I had it secured w/ framer points. As best as I can tell, it is the original frame (w/ the original glass and loop hardware at the top). As I stated before, I found it at a rummage sale and initially, was buying it just for the frame (I thought the silhoutte was probably a print). When I got home and examined it, I realized that it was authentic. It was truly a great find!"

"I have enjoyed the website and learning more about early American silhouettes."

NOTE: The bust tip is unmistakenly that of Bruff, with or without his stamp. With this inclusion, there are now three known Bruffs in private collections. It was a "great find" for Carl. The frame is very nice too. The construction of the base is as simple as it comes but with an added veneered facing, either painted or natural grained.

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